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JPEG2000 vs. old JPEG and PNG

JPEG2000 vs JPEG and PNG  JPEG2000 vs JPEG and PNG

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Some external comparisons:
   JPEG vs JPEG2000 real-time demos by Aware, Inc.
   JPEG2000 vs JPEG (vs TIFF) by PhotoZone.de
   Side-by side comparison of 16k JPEG and JPEG 2000 files
   Lossy and lossless compression comparisons at imagecompression.info.


“...I run www.moonpod.com making downloadable PC games. Previously I was using Jasper and a Lurawave Photoshop plug-in to handle converting all my game art to jp2. My game would install and then decompress all the jp2 files back into 32bit tga's, but this was incredibly slow. I downloaded your codec and on the test images it was a lot, lot faster...”

“Loading tga's straight out of the pak file gave me a game start up time of 9 seconds, with jp2's it was 12 seconds. I can certainly live with that! Using jasper it was about 3 minutes...”

“I was also shocked by how easy it was to use compared to jasper, just a couple of lines of code and away it went.”

— Mark Featherstone, MoonPod Games, UK
“First I should say that I'm impressed by the speed and the ease-of-use of the library compared to Jasper! Until now Jasper was my only experience with JPEG2000 and I had written off the format as being too slow to bother using, but now I see it can decode about as fast as JPEG, I might start using it for my own photos!”
“Many thanks for all your time, and for producing such an easy-to-use library! (And for showing me that JPEG 2000 is actually pretty cool and not the slow beast I thought it was!)”

— Leo Davidson, http://pretentiousname.com, UK
“...I've been testing your decoder for part of a real-time networking application, where speed is a primary concern. I've been impressed with how easy it is to use!”

— Adrian Baker, SELEX, UK
“I downloaded the demo package this morning. My compliments on a simple and clean system. I had no trouble getting a build into my C++ program. Great library!”

— Dave Dozier, Axcess Diagnostics, US
“...I think most people confuse Open Source with Free. Integration and learning time does also cost. J2K-Codec costs $199, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) level products can easily cost in the $1000-$5000 range. And the function set just to decode something might run in the range of 10-15 calls plus a few structures thrown in. Yes, that's necessary if you are doing GIS, but not that necessary for games. A small clean library specially targeted at games is a great product idea...”

— Kai Backman, Finland
“...We'd like to use it, so far this is the simplest software codec for Jpeg2000!”

— Zhou Tianyang, VCR Inc., Canada


“...Progress cannot be stopped. So, it is necessary to support new formats and new standards. Do it with fast, reliable and easy-to-use J2K-Codec!”

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