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Differences between the PRO and 16-bit versions:

.j2k and .jp2 files supportYesYes
Lossy / lossless compressionYesYes
Max resolution levels924
Alpha-channel supportYesYes
Multi-core CPU supportYesYes
  ADV202/212 and Matrox Morphis YesYes
Larger than 65K x 65K imagesxYes
Region-of-Interest (ROI)xYes
Up to 16 bits per componentxYes
Priority technical supportxYes

NOTE: The 16-bit version also includes the PRO version.
16-bit version of j2k-codec.dll is located in "bin\16-bit" folder.

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J2K-Codec PRO  16-bit  None
Static Linking  (MSVC6.0, VS2005 — $49.00)


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