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Main info:

JPEG.org The main source of information about JPEG2000 standard.
Wikipedia JPEG2000 article in Wikipedia.


Cmp #1 JPEG vs JPEG2000 real-time demos by Aware, Inc.
Cmp #2 Side-by side comparison of 16k JPEG and JPEG 2000 files
Cmp #3 JPEG2000 vs JPEG (vs TIFF) by PhotoZone.de
Cmp #4 JPEG and JPEG 2000 Artifacts


IrfanView Good image viewer that supports JPEG2000. Freeware.
fnord j2k Freeware Photoshop plug-in. Though the interface is simple, this plugin supports alpha channel.
Morgan Freeware JPEG2000 plugin for Internet Explorer.
Kakadu Most sophisticated and most expensive codec.
Non-commercial evaluation version alone costs $500. Speed pack costs $5,000.
For the full price you have to request a quote.
JJ2000 J2K codec in Java. One of the two reference implementations, recommended by the J2K standard.
JasPer A free library with C source code. The second reference implementation, recommended by the standard. Poorly written and very slow. No support.
OpenJPEG Open-source JPEG2000 codec written in C language. Based on JasPer and has the same major drawback - it is very slow.
DotImage DotImage JPEG2000 codec (Microsoft .NET Framework).
Price: $3,000 + $1,000 per each developer.
2KAN Open-source software implementation of JPEG2000 Parts 8, 9, 10 and 11 (JPSEC, JPIP, JP3D, JPWL extensions).


ADV202 Analog Devices: JPEG2000 hardware chip (ADV202) product page.
ADV212 Analog Devices: new JPEG2000 chip (ADV212) product page.
AD Devs Analog Devices: JPEG2000 third-party developers list.
intoPIX intoPIX offers powerful and flexible JPEG2000 hardware for Broadcast, Video Transmission, Production, Archiving, Digital Cinema applications and more.
Barco Silex Hardware JPEG2000 solutions from Barco Silex.

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