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18 Jun 2013 We are switching from BlueSnap to a new payment processor – FastSpring.
If you have any problems with your order, please notify us immediately.
11 Sep 2012 Version 2.2 released.
This is mostly a bug fix release. more >>
11 Oct 2011 JP2 Metadata Editor v1.1 released.
You can download it here.
26 Sep 2011 Version 2.1 released.
This is mostly a bug fix release. more >>
20 Jul 2011 JP2 Metadata Editor v1.0 released.
09 May 2011 J2K-Codec is now available under Mac OS!
You can download the beta version here.
12 Apr 2011 Finally, after 2 years in development, the version 2.0 is HERE!
Major features:
  • Multi-core CPUs support: up to 50% speed boost!
  • API significantly simplified.
  • Large portions of code completely rewritten.
  • Indexed (paletted) files support.
  • Packed packet headers support.
  • UNICODE support for all functions that require text strings.
  • Lots of bugs fixed.
more >>
Existing customers are eligible for a 50% discount. Contact us for more information.
11 Feb 2008 J2K-Codec has been ported to x64 platform! You can download it here.
08 Oct 2007 Blitz3D wrapper is added into the Download section.
Author: Alexei Sholik.
24 Apr 2007 We switched our payment processor from Emetrix to Plimus, which supports PayPal and Moneybookers payments.
19 Aug 2006 Prices increased. PRO version: $179$199, 16-bit version: $349$399.
15 Jun 2006 Important notice: if you link J2K-Codec 1.9 statically with .NET using VS6.0 libraries and decode files from a memory buffer, you may experience memory leaks. If this is the case then just rename J2K_Image class in “j2k-codec.h” to any other name. VS.NET is getting confused and doesn't call object destructor properly.
09 May 2006 Version 1.9 is here!
Major features:
  • 16-bit version that supports up to 16 bits per component.
  • .NET static linking libraries.
  • Region of Interest (ROI).
more >>

Plus, we have created a special auto-test suit to batch-decode images, combining various options (i.e. “bpp”, “rl”, etc.).

So 78 carefully selected JPEG2000 files have been decoded into 1210 BMP files that were then visually tested for quality, one-by-one.

This approach allowed to find several minor, nasty bugs that remained undetected so far.

PRO version price increased from $149 to $179.
12 Mar 2006 Version 1.8 finished.
Major features:
  • Several .NET samples in C# and VB.NET.
  • Better crash protection for truncated files.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused lots of order pages opened under .NET
  • Metadata extraction. Vertically down-sampled components support.
15 Jan 2006 Version 1.7 released.
Major features: J2K-Codec has been split into LITE and PRO versions; static linking is now available.
27 Oct 2005 Analog Devices included J2K-Codec into its ADV202/ADV212 Third Party Developers list.
18 Oct 2005 Version 1.6.
Major features:
  • About 4% general speed-up.
  • 40%-50% speed-up for video files.
  • 128x32 code-blocks support.
27 Sep 2005 1.51 minor update: ActiveX scaling bug fixed.
12 Sep 2005 Version 1.5 is here!
Major features:
  • JPEG2000 video hardware (Matrox Morphis and ADV202) support.
  • 20%-30% speed up.
  • Delphi 6 support.
18 Jul 2005 Version 1.4 is now available.
Added GeoTIFF extraction as requested via our on-line “Add Feature” form.
11 Jul 2005 Version 1.3 released.
20 Jun 2005 Version 1.21 – minor installer improvements.
13 Jun 2005 Version 1.2 is here!
17 May 2005 Version 1.1 is finally finished!
Major features:
  • JP2 files support.
  • ActiveX VB Sample.
  • Alpha-channel support.
  • Custom data sources and more.
12 May 2005 We have developed an ActiveX control and it's now available for download.
It is very easy to add Jpeg2000 viewing capabilities into you VisualBasic application by using this control.
12 Mar 2005 J2K-Codec v1.0 (beta) is now available for download!
18 Jan 2005 j2k-codec.com site is open.
15 Dec 2004 Basic decoding finally works!

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