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Please use one of the links below to download the latest version of J2K-Codec.

J2K-Codec Version 2.2  (7-Zip archive, 1.47 Mb)

    Download J2K-Codec (1.47 Mb)

J2K-Codec Version 2.2  (ZIP archive, 3.05 Mb)

    Download J2K-Codec (3.05 Mb)

J2K-Codec Beta for Mac OS 10.4+  (DMG package, 1.32 Mb)

    Download J2K-Codec for Mac OS (1.32 Mb)

FREE!  JP2 Metadata Editor 1.1  (ZIP archive, 3.56 Mb)

    Download JP2 Metadata Editor (3.56 Mb)


FREE!  GML Attach 1.1  (ZIP archive, 115 Kb)

GML Attach is a simple console tool for adding GML information to a JP2 file.
Source code included.

    Download GML Attach (115 Kb)

Development of this tool was sponsored by Jukka Rahkonen and he kindly agreed to share it as a freeware.

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